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Great to meet you! I’m Blair Critch.

Every role I’ve had in life has taught me something – mom, wife, friend, teacher, entrepreneur.

I started off as a kindergarten teacher, and after having our two boys, Jeremiah and Noah, I knew in my heart that I couldn’t go back to teaching full time while still being a dedicated mom. l wanted to still use the talents and skills I’d collected along the way, but my top priority was making more time for my family. I could not stand the thought of leaving them at daycare while I was taking care of other people’s kids. I also honestly could not stand the fact I was only making 30K for doing over 50 hours a week of work.

Right around this time financial tragedy struck us.

We hit rock bottom, we had to file bankruptcy and give up 10 homes we had bought and were renting out. I was heartbroken, all our savings, stocks, houses were taken away-gone! We spent many late nights worrying, going over the numbers over and over, trying to figure out how we would make ends meet. I felt like there was no other option then to go back to teaching. I had a few months before school started again and I knew in my heart there was a better way.

After trying a few different ventures, I was introduced to a home-based business and we actually made a full income our first year – can you say sigh of relief!?

That’s when I knew working from home was the perfect way to satisfy my longing to teach while being the mom and wife my family deserved!

I loved the company that I was with but after 4 years of being with them and ending each year at 99K and not hitting that goal of being a 6 figure income earner (I mean unimaginable for this teacher but I wanted it so bad) I knew I was meant for something bigger.

That is when I fell into my current business and within 2.5 years with my current health and wellness business I am a MILLIONAIRE! I can not even believe it myself. I learned that when you are passionate about helping others, love your product, and implement some systems (that I love sharing) you can be a success fast!

No more working the hours someone else sets for you. No more worrying about money and how you will buy food or pay off those loans. And no more having a glass ceiling of how much you are worth.


Who is Blair Critch?

Four years later, I tried a product that downright changed my life and I had to start sharing it with others, immediately. With a lot of dedication and persistence, I achieved the top level of my company in less than 4 months.

I was finally able to merge all of my passions into one place: sharing a product I love, teaching others how to build their own successful business from home, all the while personally learning, growing, and spending precious time with my family. 

Becasue of my journey, I feel a passion to help others who feel stuck or want more out of their lives.

Are you ready to feel your best and achieve greatness?

Are you ready to learn some skills and strategies that will help you become the financial and independent success you have dreamed of?

Let’s connect so we can help you find your fit in a Network Marketing Business or help you find how to have financial and time freedom with your current business!



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